7th Graders Compete at Regional World Savvy Challenge

Students presented their ideas on creating sustainable communities.

Four teams of seventh graders competed at the regional World Savvy Challenge on March 3 at Macalester College in St. Paul.

The teams presented their innovative solutions for this year’s World Savvy Challenge theme, “Sustainable Communities.” Students were judged in three areas:

  • Presentations
  • Knowledge to Action Plans
  • Action Roundtables

Greta Bleeker, working with six students from other area schools, won first place in the Junior Division Action Roundtable. Groups were given 30 minutes to discuss four scenarios related to sustainable communities. Students had to collaboratively agree on the most effective solution and communicate their findings to the judges.  

Bleeker’s group awarded fictitious grant money to an organization that provides micro loans and health insurance to people in developing countries.  

Congratulations to the following students participating at the Regional World Savvy Challenge:  

Josh Greiner Elisabeth Dalki Jack Schechtman Nic Harris Greta Bleeker Owen Laland Suzanne Cavalier Duke Larson Erin Hogan Gabby Pitera Harini Kethar Marshall Quist Bethany Dahl Sophie Rae Nichole Johnson


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