Minnetonka High School Theatre Shines at State Performance

This was Minnetonka's eighth appearance at state and their eighth “starred” performance.

Minnetonka's theatre department does it again.

The performance of Equus took home a “starred performance” at the state one-act play competition. A starred performance is the highest award given by judges. This was Minnetonka's eighth appearance at state and their eighth “starred” performance.

MHS theatre and English teacher John Lynn directed the stellar all-student cast and crew as they presented a 35-minute cut of Equus by Peter Shaffer.

In the story, Alan Strang, a 17-year old boy who has blinded six horses, is treated by psychiatrist Martin Dysart. Over the course of treatment Dysart grows puzzled by the boy’s passion and has to face his own doubts about what it means to lead a “normal” life.


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