Leggings at MHS: #3 Minnetonka Patch Story of 2012

We're counting down the most popular, inspiring, interesting and tragic stories of the year.

Facebook and Twitter were alive with pushback on a November afternoon after a supposed "yoga pants ban" at Minnetonka High School, making the article Minnetonka High School Principal Asks For Modesty; Doesn't Ban Yoga Pants the third most popular on Minnetonka Patch in 2012.

Tweets such as these were sent out by Minnetonka High School students: "They banned yoga pants at Minnetonka high school. Hahaha that's so ridculous," and "Can hear the cries of Minnetonka girls everywhere after adney banned yoga pants at the high school."

However, the school district explained there was no "ban" on tight-fitting pants, instead a call for modesty. Read the email to parents from Principal Adney here.


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