Rep. Yvonne Selcer: Repeated Message Is For Legislators to Work Together

"The economy shows signs of recovery, but we must continue to work to create jobs and make Minnesota economically competitive."

Dear Neighbors,

We are in the middle of a crucial legislative session. 

As I hear from members of our community, a repeating message is that legislators need to work together and focus on the important issues of jobs and the economy, education, and our Minnesota quality of life.

I am listening and taking action. To further the recovery of our economy, I have co-authored legislation to reduce employer tax rates, bring the Southwest Light Rail to our area, increase funding available for business investment, and expand overseas trade opportunities for our Minnesota businesses. The economy shows signs of recovery, but we must continue to work to create jobs and make Minnesota economically competitive.

Much attention has been focused on the delayed payments to our schools—our debt. This approach to solving our deficit problems over time has resulted in a down-grade to our state’s credit rating by three major credit rating agencies. A lowered credit rating means a higher interest rate must be paid on every dollar borrowed by the state and local units of government.

I am the chief author of House File 1, which has bi-partisan support, and pays back the money “borrowed” from our schools. We also need to make new, strategic investments in education to maintain our competitive edge. We can and we must do both; our future depends upon it.

As we move through the legislative session please contact me at any time. Working together, we can keep our community vibrant and move Minnesota forward.

Representative Yvonne Selcer



Jeff Simon March 04, 2013 at 03:23 PM
Mom, apple pie, and "create jobs". Everyone is for it. To create jobs in the private sector, I agree that Minnesota must be made more competitive. I have heard two trains of thought about what makes Minnesota more competitive. One train of thought says that in order to make Minnesota more competitive and attractive to the job creators, that we need to expand government, have more programs, give more benefits, so that our quality of life is better. This makes no sense to me, because expansion of government usually results in contraction of the private sector. The other train of thought says that to promote jobs you must promote business. And to promote business, you must make it easier and more desirable for businesses to want to hire and invest in doing what they do. I believe this is the correct approach to improving the quality of life in Minnesota. Prosperity and jobs. So I will be very interested to see what the legislators do to promote business in Minnesota.


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