Rep. Selcer: 'I Was Proud To Be Chief Author of House File 1'

The bill aims to begin paying back the money owed to MN schools.

Dear neighbors,
I am honored to serve District 48A in the Minnesota House of Representatives. I’m excited to be the voice of our community at the Capitol, and ready to go to work on your behalf.
I am reaching out today to hope you will continue to be involved in my official duties at the Minnesota House of Representatives.  I'd love to hear from you, please feel free to visit me at the State Office Building - Room 523.  I am always available via email (rep.yvonne.selcer@house.mn) or phone 651-296-3964. 
The 2013 Legislative Session is officially underway. Work is already starting in committee hearings. This session I will be serving on the Education Finance, Transportation Policy and Energy Policy Committees. These are important committees that deal with some of the issues we care about most in our community. I look forward to working in these legislative areas to improve our community and our state.
I was proud and honored to be the chief author of House File 1 — a bill to begin paying back the money owed to our schools. A high-quality education is the ticket to economic opportunity for our kids and our state’s future. Unfortunately, over the past decade previous legislatures have borrowed from K-12 schools to balance our state budget.  We need a new direction and we need to pay back our schools.  We also need to work to provide “new” money for our schools to ensure that all of our children receive the high quality education they need to thrive.
I am also the co-author of bills to stimulate job growth and provide property tax relief, as well as restoring some fiscal relief for our renters. 
Again, please feel free to contact me with ideas, concerns, questions, or if I can be of any assistance. You can reach me by phone at 651-296-3964, or by email,rep.yvonne.secer@house.mn. Visit my official page here (http://www.house.leg.state.mn.us/members/members.asp?id=15399 ) for more information.
Best regards,
Yvonne Selcer
State Representative
Eden Prairie and Minnetonka

Daryl Fryxell February 04, 2013 at 10:17 PM
Mrs. Selcer, many of us would like to know what programs and employees you are willing to cut to take care of the budget deficit. Are you on board with Dayton's plan to punish taxpayers with higher income taxes and to attack retirees that enjoy going south for the winter?


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