Congressman Paulsen: Court Ruling Means 'Massive New Tax or Higher Insurance Premiums'

Erik Paulsen says health care bill burdens next generation with debt and threatens good private coverage.

Supreme Court Rules on Healthcare Law

I respect the ruling handed down by the Supreme Court last week, but it doesn’t change the fact that the health care law’s policy is flawed and remains very unpopular with the majority of Americans. Americans deserve a government that works towards meaningful health care reform, and not one that threatens good private coverage, robs $500 billion from seniors, burdens our children and grandchildren with debt and risks life-saving and life-improving medical device innovation nationwide. Our country—and its working and middle class families—simply can’t afford it. 

The ruling from the Supreme Court validates the fact that with the new healthcare law, Americans now have to choose between either a massive new tax or higher insurance premiums. I will continue to work to for common-sense solutions to lower health care costs for families and small businesses.

Bipartisan Transportation Bill Sent to President’s Desk

Last Friday, Congress passed a transportation bill that was a compromise between Republicans and Democrats in the House and the Senate. While I preferred a longer five or six year plan, I supported this bill which extended and funded all related transportation programs for two years. The big positives of the bill include a more streamlined review process, accelerated emergency repairs, and an increased role for state and local governments on transportation projects to save time and money.

Spending This Week Visiting with Neighbors

I spent this past week back home in Minnesota meeting with constituents at Congress on Your Corner events in Coon Rapids and Excelsior as well as pumping gas for neighbors at Bobby and Steve’s Auto World in Eden Prairie. As always, I appreciate hearing from you and thank everyone who dropped by to share their thoughts, concerns, and ideas with me.  

High gas prices were definitely on peoples’ minds. Fortunately, the House has taken bipartisan action on a package of seven energy bills to lower energy costs and create American jobs. The Domestic Energy and Jobs Act is the latest in a series of House-passed jobs bills targeted at helping to remove government barriers to economic growth and stop policies that drive up prices on American families and small businesses.

Over the last few years, total fossil fuel development has dropped 7% and total onshore acreage leased is the lowest since 1984. The nonpartisan Energy Information Administration estimates that oil production in the Gulf was down 22% in 2011 and projects it will decrease by 30% this year. I support long term comprehensive energy sources and strategies, including nuclear, wind, solar, and clean coal to meet our growing needs. We need to be filling up on American-made energy not only to bring down costs, but also to create jobs.

Ginny Jones July 10, 2012 at 01:54 PM
I would like you to explain your reasoning in more detail. I don't come to the same conclusions. Are you aware of the health care system in Switzerland?
Kathleen Nelson July 11, 2012 at 04:25 AM
Rep. Paulson: instead of scaring people with unsubstantiated predictions about how the "Affordable Care Act" will be so HORRIBLE, admit that it begins to address the fact that uninsured Americans cost the system far more through their use of hosp. emerg. rooms rather than use clinics at the onset of symptoms and benefit from preventative care. What is YOUR solution to enable ALL Americans affordable health care, or should I say what is the Republican plan, since you seem to be in lockstep with their entire agenda? I wish we had an independent thinker again, like when Jim Ramstad held this office. I have not heard an original thought from you since you took office. Perhaps it's time for a new representative who will have LIVE townhall meetings! Many of these programs were proposed by Pres. Nixon and by house Republicans in the 90's. Can't any of you admit there is a problem and work with the President to make this work? I have heard members of your party say that insurance companies should NOT need to cover people with pre-existing conditions! They see no wrong in denying care for a person with cancer or throwing a child off his family's plan should he be BORN with a health issue. Please step out from where ever you hide out and TALK TO AND LISTEN TO US! I haven't seen that from you which makes me think it is our US Representative who needs changing. I urge all to seek NONPARTISAN sources to actually learn about the plan and not fall prey to the fearmongering at play here.
Ginny Jones July 11, 2012 at 02:29 PM
I wish more people could read your comments. Well said! I am so tired of Republicans and the constant criticism against our president. What are their plans? What is so scary about helping ALL of the people instead of those who can already afford to pay for their health care. What is so tragic is that so many people believe these sound bites and hurt themselves with an uninformed vote. The words "no taxes" are used to scare people but they don't ever consider all the "fees" that are added onto their daily costs. We are taxed on our cars, licenses, gas, electricity, heating, entertainment, liquor, property etc. What are the hidden issues behind not wanting health care for all the people?
Dustyn July 14, 2012 at 04:55 PM
Ginny and Kathleen: You BOTH have missed the point. We may be taxed on many things we BUY, but taxed for not buying something is the first of it's kind. This Obmacare bill needs to be repealed and we replace it with a one page document that covers pre-existing condition and no limits, that wil ensure better healthcare for all. Not some bully government telling us what to do. Keep in mind, each tax payer now has a new tax that will be deducted from your return if you don't pay for your own health insurance policy. There is no fat cat or anyone rich who pays this for you, you have to. How you on the left miss the whole issue that you are now being taxed for doing nothing, blows my mind. You are so in bed with Obama and his destructive policies that are destroying our country and you are too blind to see it. No worries, the health care bill will be repealed under a GOP president and keep this in mind too, every law Obama has ignored to get his way is now fair game for the right, when they hold the WH. Better get some tissue paper cause you will be crying a lot when Obama is fired.
Jeff Simon July 20, 2012 at 09:05 PM
I am always amused when liberals defend Obamacare on the basis that it has a few good things in it. I am sure you could take many terrible tyrannies forced upon humanity and find some good things in them. For example, even the Nazis had some positive things as in the case of a very effective anti-tobacco campaign. So does this mean we defend Nazism because of its good points? Of course not. Likewise, the abomination that is Obamacare has a few good points. These good points will assuredly be preserved when the replacement health care plan of the Republicans is enacted. That plan will actually be concerned with improving health care and cutting costs, and not just using these noble goals as a smokescreen over the real intent of a vast tax increase and government expansion.


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