Woman Allegedly Steals MN Wild Tickets from Work and Sells Them on Craigslist

Maggie Brynn Hoeg is charged with felony-level theft by swindle after allegedly stealing 92 season hockey tickets and selling them on her work computer.

A 29-year-old employee of , based in Minnetonka, is being charged with selling the company's Minnesota Wild tickets for her own benefit on her work computer.

Maggie Brynn Hoeg, of Coon Rapids, is charged with felony-level theft by swindle (over $5,000).

In February, Minnetonka Police were informed that 92 Minnesota Wild tickets, valued at $88 each, had been stolen and sold from Culligan, allegedly by Hoeg.

Culligan owned four season tickets, and it was Hoeg's job to distribute the tickets as directed. Complaints began to come in that the parties had not received their tickets. When questioned, Hoeg allegedly said she was busy and would get to it.

Hoeg prepared a spreadsheet showing where the tickets had been mailed, but when the parties were contacted they said they had not received them. Before she was questioned, Hoeg quit by e-mail and left her job, according to the complaint.

The Minnesota Wild office was contacted, and the 92 tickets were cancelled and reissued. A man who purchased some of the tickets through Craigslist said he had bought the tickets from Hoeg and attended several games. When he informed Hoeg that the tickets had been cancelled, she allegedly said her father had lost some of them. She said she would replace them when after she was reissued tickets from the Wild but never did. Hoeg allegedly paid the man back $250 to date.  

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