Letter: Sick of Sleazy Anti-Republican Commercials

"It seems this election has produced an unprecedented number of negative television and radio messages attempting to convince us that so many of our Republican candidates only have a 'hurt the world' agenda."

To The Editor:

Is anyone else out there sick of watching anti-Republican political commercials funded by Political Action Committees (PACs) which are full of distortions and mistruths - particularly against Senator David Hann and Rep. Kirk Stensrud?  

The same sleazy tactics used against WI Governor Scott Walker are now being used against these two public servants.  It seems this election has produced an unprecedented number of negative television and radio messages attempting to convince us that so many of our Republican candidates only have a "hurt the world" agenda. Of course the only solution is to elect tax-and-spend Democrats to save us all.  

Hann, Stensrud and their GOP colleagues must be doing something right, as did Scott Walker, because these PACs seem willing to go to any expense to remove them.

These same Democrats gave us the $6.2 billion dollar state budget deficit and voted in 2009-10 to take $2 billion from our schools then voted against paying it back to them in 2011. Had this same DFL majority been allowed to unite with DFL Governor "tax-the-rich" Dayton, we would all be writing much larger checks to the MN Department of Revenue each year to cover their spending. And the schools still wouldn’t be paid back the money the DFL took from them.

These PACs seem to have unlimited dollars to spend to see the return of budget-busting Democrats. We do not need a return to the fiscal mismanagement of the DFL. Please send a message to these special interests by taking notes and voting against their intended DFL beneficiaries.  

Send these PACs a message with your vote - "stop trying to buy our elections with Dayton’s ex-wife’s money funding distortions and false statements."  

Instead vote for the fiscally responsible party which turned the DFL deficit into a GOP Surplus. Vote Republican.

Kevin Maire, Minnetonka

Dave Lloyd October 18, 2012 at 03:02 PM
Seems the world didn't end in Wisconsin, budget is balanced and all the DFLers even kept their jobs. We are in this odd circumstance where the fiscal awareness of the Republicans and their ability to manage government well actually leads to stable government and fiscal stability. Ironic, isn't it. At some point teachers and government workers will figure out their endorsement money is being wasted. Put sanity into government. Vote Republican.
Jeff Simon October 18, 2012 at 10:14 PM
I agree. I am annoyed by the blatantly false content of these ads. "Sen Hann shut down the government." What nonsense! You may as well blame him for global warning, which did not happen either, and is certain not related to the Senator. These liars are following the tactics of the father of community organizers, Saul Alinsky, who in his "Rules for Radicals" advocated any tactic whatsoever as long as it leads to political power. Truly, lust for power is the root of all evil, and such evil conspiracies have come and gone only to end on the dust heap of history. These DFL tactics will too, as they continue to fool some people some of the time and some people all of the time. But the American people have shown that they cannot all be fooled all of the time.
Doug Lind October 24, 2012 at 03:42 PM
To paraphrase Kevin M...is anyone out there sick of the throwing away anti-Selcer garbage in their daily mail? I've received 11 PAC-funded screeds accusing Selcer of everything short of jaywalking. None of the tripe is fact based, of course. Taxes? I'm in the Hopkins school district, and the budgets are well managed, and we have LOW school taxes compared to our neighbors. I get a laugh out of these self-praising letters claiming ALL the distortions are coming from the DFL. If you had any sense of fairness (not likely) you'd object to the smearing drek coming out of the GOP bilge machine as well as DFL excess.


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