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After making the jump from New York to Indiana, I finally landed in South Dakota where I lived for six years. After graduating high school in a small town close to the border of Minnesota, I attended Minnesota State University, Mankato. It was there that I found my calling as a journalist working for The Reporter, the college newspaper on campus. From staff writer to editor in chief, I was involved in nearly every aspect of print production.
I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in journalism and gender & women's studies in 2010 and have been freelance writing for various publications across the Minneapolis area since. In addition to my freelance work, I am an aspiring screenwriter and work as a marketing copywriter. I have a laundry list of ambitions that include writing more creative non-fiction and the story of my parent's adolescent journey growing up in Brooklyn, NY in the early 1970s. I adore my black pomeranian, Onyx, love to start art projects (but never seem to finish them) and know deep down that my clutter will eventually consume me. So I guess the polite way to put that would be, "I thrive from creative chaos."
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