Local Cities Applaud Youth Who Care

Twenty-eight youth who have given outstanding service to others were honored at the Caring Youth Recognition ceremony.

The room was filled with promise of a better tomorrow.

Twenty-eight youth in grades 7 through 12 who have unselfishly involved themselves in a cause benefiting others were honored in a ceremony at the on Thursday evening.

Civic and service organizations, schools and faith community members in the Golden Valley, Hopkins and Minnetonka communities nominated the youth.
“When you volunteer, you don’t just help people, but you help yourself become a better, kinder, more complete person,” Minnetonka Council Member Brad Wiersum addressed the crowd.

Many of the youth participants agreed. Meredith Campbell, a 10th grader at from Excelsior, said she has learned so much about life by helping out at the .

“It’s really eye-opening,” she said. “It inspires me to do more to help out the community.”

Campbell, who hopes to be a surgeon one day, said seeing repeat visitors who come to get food has taught her that life is tougher for some families than it can appear on the surface.

Campbell’s mom, dad and the people who nominated her from ICA came to celebrate the award with her. Her dad, Michael, beamed with pride for his daughter.

“It’s nice for her to be recognized because she’s a really hard worker in every aspect of her life,” he said. “She has a big heart and wants to do the right thing. She has a good character and a good strong will.”

Asia Snetter and Delaney Perkins, both students and Hopkins residents, volunteer with “Be the Change” at their school.

“I like seeing people smile whenever I help them,” Snetter said. “It really brightens your mood. When you go help someone, it can make you feel even better about yourself.”

Perkins is proud to be part of a group that has a message of unity.

“I think the world, little by little, is coming apart and becoming individuals,” she said. “It’s important to come together and work together.”


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