Treating Autoimmune Diseases with Integrative Medicine

Know anyone with fibromyalgia, lupus, or IBS? Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine may have surprising answers!

Treating Autoimmune Diseases with
 Integrative Medicine
By: Nikki Vanecek, Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner,
M.Ac.O.M L.Ac, Dipl.Ac (NCCAOM)

Autoimmune diseases are disorders in which the immune system attacks the body and destroys our own tissues. There are more than eighty chronic illnesses in this category including rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, and inflammatory bowel disease, just to name a few. According to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA), twenty percent of the population suffers from autoimmune disorders. These diseases make up the fourth-largest cause of disability among women. Treatment of autoimmune disorders is difficult; however with integrative medicine, including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, much success has been proven in providing pain relief, regulating the immune system, managing symptoms and improving overall quality of life.

Traditional Chinese Medicine treats autoimmune diseases by correcting the imbalances within the body.  Imbalance can come about from an excess, or deficiency, of yin and yang that disrupts the flow of Qi, or vital energy, throughout the body. Acupuncture helps the body restore balance, treating the root cause of the disorder, while specifically addressing the symptoms that are unique to each individual.  Acupuncture treats the emotional aspect of chronic illness as well as treating the disease.

Clinical research has shown that Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture have physical responses in nerve cells, the pituitary gland, and certain parts of the brain. These responses allow the body to release proteins, hormones, and brain chemicals that control other body functions.  Acupuncture affects blood pressure, body temperature and the immune system while also balancing our emotions.

Treatment programs to manage your autoimmune disorder may involve a combination of therapies including stress reducing exercises, moderate physical activity, herbal medicine, nutritional support, and chiropractor care.

For more information, or to schedule a one-on-one consultation, please call SuNu Wellness Center at (952) 314-7035.

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