On the NY Times: Abby Hansen Makes a College Decision

Minnetonka High School Senior blogs "In the End, My Gut Decided Which College to Choose."

In Abby Hansen's fourth blog for The New York Times "In the End, My Gut Decided Which College to Choose," she has made a final college decision.

She confirmed her admission to the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities for the fall of 2012 while watching Iowa State lose to Kentucky in a basketball game. "As I sat with my family in my living room, my gut twisting with nerves, I knew I was ready to make my decision final," Hansen wrote.

She was accepted to all three universities to which she applied– the University of Minnesota, Iowa State University and University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Two students were selected to blog about their college application process for The Times.

for a group of eight high school seniors in the U.S. detailing their college search for readers. Each student writes on the blog once or twice a month throughout the school year.

Hansen's first blog entitled "Who Am I? Can I Get Back to You on That?" was published on Dec. 20, her second "True Love Can Be Fleeting, Especially When Its Object Is a College" on Feb. 3 and her third "Happier, Perhaps, to Attend a State University Instead of an Ivy League School" on March 21.


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