Literacy Help, Mobile Music Recording Lab Among Latest School Grants

The Hopkins Education Foundation awarded $38,000 in grants this fall.

Hopkins students will have access to several new learning experiences, thanks to $38,000 in grants that the Hopkins Education Foundation awarded this fall.

The grants provide money for programs and technology that the school district wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. They also accelerate pilot programs and provide new technology for the classrooms. So far, the Hopkins Education Foundation has awarded more than $2 million in grants.

The grants awarded this fall are listed below, courtesy of Hopkins Public Schools.


Literacy Intervention

Meadowbrook Elementary - Gina Spoo

Meadowbrook grades 3-5 will pilot literacy intervention kits designed to bring struggling readers to grade level in both vocabulary and comprehension. These fiction and non-fiction books were developed by reading specialists to interest young readers - engaging, well-paced and featuring all races, genders, scientific fields and animal kingdoms.

LabQuest2 Technology Update

North and West Junior Highs - Timothy Nefzger, Johannah Olson

LabQuest2 updates our prior grant to create "Real World Scientists" and represents a significant step forward in continuing efforts to expose Hopkins students to STEM. These next generation hand-held data collection tools are built for the 21st Century science lab and integrate wirelessly with iPads used by students on a daily basis. The tool allows students to measure, collect and capture data for a variety of experiments.

Mobile Music Recording and Production Lab

Hopkins High School - Mark Czech

Hopkins may become the Paisley Park of area high schools. With this new equipment, music technology students will be able to produce high-quality digital recordings from live music using the art and science of music production. Students will learn to record, amplify, edit, mix, and master recordings. This grant was funded in part by a generous donation in memory of Jerry Christensen.

‘Green' Gatehouse Structural Plan

Hopkins High School - Tessa Ruff, Sophia Showalter

The Earth Club is an active group of students determined to make a difference in environmental awareness and education. This project, led by seniors Showalter and Ruff, begins transforming the parking shed at the Lindbergh Center lot entrance into a “Green” Gatehouse. The shed is used to collect daily student parking fees and is not insulated. The grant funds the initial structural review and plan for the project.


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