Groveland Fourth Graders Display Holiday Spirit with Toy Collection

Miss Rossing's class was able to round up 722 toys to give to Toys for Tots.

Students in Minnetonka have the holiday spirit.

Miss Rossing's fourth grade class at Groveland Elementary collected toys for a community service project.

Students collected 722 toys for Toys for Tots, which happens to be the enrollment at Groveland.

We asked students in Miss Rossing's class to share why this project was important to them:

I hope everyone thinks this is more than giving toys it’s showing that you care and you want to help.  By Jenni Rapini

This “Toys for Tots” drive means a lot to me because giving toys to kids and teenagers who don’t have any is a very good deed and the people who get them will feel good and you will feel even better!  By Kevin Thomas

I would kindly encourage people to give to Toys for Tots. I know it’s not just about giving toys it’s about knowing I just helped someone have a better day. By Jolie Shedd

Toys for Tots has really shown me a lot about generosity and sharing. I love how it gives toys to help kids right in our own community! By Naomi Daigle

I’m proud of the people in our school that have donated their time and money for the unfortunate. I like helping people so this is an awesome idea. By Ben Binder

I hope to make lots of kids holidays happy. I also hope there are enough toys for everyone. I love to make kids happy. By Chloe Ballin

I think at school about all of these children and teens that don’t probably get toys on their birthday  or at Christmas. I love the videos when they get their toys and their smile just makes my day. By Jack Lindgren


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