High School Senior Blooms In Faith

Student Spotlight: Minnetonka senior Madie Bloom has a passion for faith, family and fun.

Funacious. That’s the word Madeline “Madie” Bloom came up with when asked to describe herself. 

“It's a combination of fun and tenacious,” said the senior.

“Madie Bloom energizes the world around her,” said Minnetonka English teacher Susan Sinkler. “This is a near miracle in the world of seniors. I feel sad when she’s absent as do others in her class.”

Bloom’s classmates elected her senior class representative for student government which requires working with others to plan school, social and charity functions.

“Madie engages easily with people of all walks of life, varied interests, young and old,” said Minnetonka choir director Paula Holmberg. 

One of Bloom’s favorite people is her 85-year-old grandfather, Norman. “He’s my hero and role model,” she said.

Her grandfather moved to Minnesota two years ago after his wife died. 

“My grandpa lives three miles from my house,” she said. “I help him each week by driving, cleaning and getting groceries. I like spending time with him.”

As a former minister, he shares his wisdom and faith with Bloom. “He likes to say, ‘As the Lord guides, He always provides."

Bloom hopes to share her Christian faith as a missionary to a Spanish-speaking country one day. 

She traveled to Guatemala and El Salvador last summer on a youth mission trip.  “I was part of a mime team,” Bloom explained. “Using mime, we could break the language barrier and share the story of Jesus.” 

She admits that there are challenges to being a teen involved in church activities. “Sometimes kids tease you, but there is a way that you can shine about it,” said Bloom. 

Bloom is also passionate about music. She is a member of the school concert and chamber choirs and has played piano for 11 years.

She guesses her musical talent was inherited from her grandmother, a former music and piano teacher. “My parents aren’t really musical,” she said. “I think it skipped a generation.”

Despite her busy schedule, Bloom consistently makes the school honor roll and is a member of National Honor Society. Her best subjects are Spanish, English and history. “I love school,” said Bloom.

“Madie loves school, because Madie loves learning,” said Holmberg.  “She is always intrigued and invested.”

Bloom will continue her education at Olivet University which is about an hour south of Chicago. “My grandfather and cousins went to Olivet,” said Bloom.  She plans to major in Spanish and minor in music.

It shouldn’t be hard for Bloom to acclimate to life in another state. She likes to travel and has a goal to visit all 50 states. “I’m over half-way there,” she said. “But Minnesota is still my favorite.”


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