Visions for Vacancies: Texas and Wayzata

The land will likely be used for residential construction—but what kind of housing would you like to see?

Two pieces of land near Wayzata Boulevard and Texas Avenue are set to be developed, likely for some kind of new housing.

The parcels are owned by MnDOT and have been identified as "excess property" after a highway project. MnDOT is willing to sell the land to the city for development.

Currently, the area is zoned residential, and at a Monday night City Council meeting, members said they'd probably like to keep it that way. So, expect some type of housing to go up.

But we want to hear specifically what kind of housing you'd like to see. Apartments? Condos? Single-family homes? Mixed-use? And would you like to see something upscale, or something more affordable?

Or, maybe you disagree with council and think a commercial development should go up. We'd love to hear that, too.

meghan October 12, 2012 at 02:37 PM
Nothing! Leave it green space. Why MUST it be necessary to develop every spec of space? The plot to the east is extremely narrow; besides, no one is going to want to own a house on the south frontage road of 394. The space to the west is a wonderful buffer for that neighborhood so they don’t have to hear the noise from 394. Also, space to the west has some beautiful mature trees, you know they’d go if it was developed.
Michael Rose October 12, 2012 at 06:49 PM
Maybe create a new city park, Meghan?


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