(VIDEO) Barnes Criticizes Rep. Paulsen's Support of Ryan Budget

Brian Barnes released a video last week about Rep. Erik Paulsen's support of the Ryan budget and the impact it could have locally.

Brian Barnes, DFL candidate for Minnesota's 3rd Congressional District, released a video last week criticizing Rep. Erik Paulsen (R) for his support of the Ryan Budget.

In the video, Barnes claims the Ryan budget would have "huge cost implications" on Paulsen's own district. Specifically, Barnes said it would hurt seniors, students and companies in the medical industry.

"My opponent voted in support with the Ryan budget to get rid of Medicare as we know it," Barnes said. "Instead of paying medical costs, it turns it into limited voucher system that would cost seniors at least $6,000 more per year, out of their own pocket. This means $708 million dollars from right here in our district."

Barnes, an Edina resident, manages global marketing and sales for hte marine divsion of a Fortune 200 company. He is seeking to take the seat of Paulsen, who is up for re-election after serving two terms in Congress. in Minnesota's primary election.


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