DFLer Sund Stumps for Support at Southdale Library

"I'm not running this race for fun, I'm running to win."

"Fairness" was the theme of the evening as prospective 3rd District Congressional candidate Sharon Sund spoke to a small crowd at Edina's .

Sund, a businesswoman and community activist from Plymouth, shared anecdotes from throughout her life to shine a light on issues she sees of national importance. She likened the country's current financial situation to her grandfather's time as a sharecropper.

"It's not fair that the bankers get bonuses and the American workers in the middle class get pink slips," Sund said.

Sund said it was "one wrong" committed by current 3rd District Congressman Erik Paulsen that pushed her to run for office: Paulsen’s vote in favor of the budget proposed by Republican Rep. Paul Ryan, of Wisconsin. Sund said that budget effectively "destroys Medicare as we know it" and cuts investments in "education for our children, infrastructure and research and development."

"That was a wrong, and a vote for me will right that wrong," she said. "I will not stand back and let that happen to the people of this country."

Sund still has to contend with fellow DFL candidate Brian Barnes during before either one will have a chance to unseat Paulsen. A representative with Paulsen's campaign said the congressman would be open to debates with either candidate.

If she were elected, Sund said she would first support the American Jobs Act President Obama has been trying to pass. She would also spoke of getting the country invested in green energy and technologies and stop the rewarding of companies for moving jobs overseas.

Given the substantial amount of financial support Paulsen has received—he reportedly ended the year with more than $1 million in his campaign account—Sund said she will have to work hard to raise donations.

"It's going to take a lot of money," she said. "It takes a message and it takes unity between Democrats."

Sund said she would defeat the two-term GOP congressman by showing voters Paulsen's voting record and "telling the truth" about what he has done during his time in office.

"I'm not running this race for fun," Sund said. "I'm running to win."

David F February 02, 2012 at 03:21 PM
It will be interesting to see how the new Congressional boundaries in MN will be drawn that might effect Congressman Paulsen's district. If it is primarily Edina it will be tough for a democrat to defeat him.


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