Ron Paul Wins SW Minneapolis Caucus Straw Poll

Minnesota chose Rick Santorum over the four GOP contenders.

Contrary to popular belief, Southwest Minneapolis has some Republicans—over 300 voted in precinct caucuses Tuesday night—and by a strong margin, they support Rep. Ron Paul.

That was the verdict in Tuesday night's straw poll of caucus-goers at the GOP caucuses across Southwest Minneapolis, bucking the state's choice of Rick Santourm. According to preliminary results released by the Minnesota Secretary of State's office at midnight, with all precincts reporting Paul led the pack with 113 votes, trailed by Mitt Romney (94 votes), Santorum (69 votes), and Newt Gingrich (28 votes).

Some caucus-goers were former—or sometimes—DFLers who'd switched sides for the evening.

Marty Teign of Fulton told Patch that while he is still undecided, he's leaning towards Paul because of the candidate's stance on lowering the national debt and the nation's current "entanglements" around the world.

"No other candidate offers a serious answer," he said.

"I have kids and I'm worried about their future," said Rick, another Fulton resident who wouldn't give his last name. "Forty years ago I was in this same very room (at a caucus) working for George McGovern. Life is a journey."

In Ward 13's caucuses at , where Southwest Minneapolis Patch spent most of Tuesday night, Paul supporters mounted a strong effort to get their members  elected delegates to the local party convention. These delegates could help Paul pick up support at the state and national Republican conventions.

"The caucus system works to our advantage, because only the most passionate show up," said Paul supporter Judy Shea.  

She and her son-in-law Chad Weigelt turned out at the Ward 13 caucuses along with many other Paul supporters. Well-organized, they seemed to take most of the Ward 13 delegate seats despite Paul's broader appeal with younger voters, many of whom do not live in the ward.

Jackson Baer February 08, 2012 at 05:27 PM
Ron Paul did well in Minnesota and underperformed in the other two yesterday. It's frustrating to see the Republicans reject freedom & liberty while voting for more government control. Can Ron Paul win Maine this weekend? I hope so. I hope he keeps running as a Republican, building a base and then runs third party. Some say that will ensure Obama gets re-elected but we don't know what will happen in a 3-man race and Obama won't be any worse than Romney, Gingrich, or Santorum. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=262l6tbHSlU RON PAUL 2012. http://www.whatthehellbook.com/the-book/
blakmira February 10, 2012 at 12:44 AM
If you witnessed the only caucus to actually count the vote live and televised with eyewitnesses in Clark County, Nevada, where Ron Paul won by a landslide, then you realize: ONLY DIEBOLD LIKES SANTORUM and ONLY CLEAR CHANNEL LIKES ROMNEY.


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