Former Mayor Appointed to Minnetonka City Council

James Hiller has been unable to attend city council meetings due to medical issues.

The Minnetonka City Council appointed former Minnetonka Mayor Tim Bergstedt to temporarily fill the Ward 4 council seat, held since 2007 by James Hiller.

Hiller has been unable to attend city council meetings since August 2013 due to medical issues. He requested that the city council make a temporary appointment to the Ward 4 council seat until he is able to resume his duties. Hiller was first elected to the Minnetonka City Council Ward 4 seat in 2007 and was re-elected in 2011 to a term ending January 2016.

Bergstedt served as mayor of Minnetonka from 1990–1994 and as Ward 4 council member from 1986–1990. He also served on the Minnetonka Planning Commission from 1982–1985. Bergstedt served as a Hopkins School District board member from 1997–2005. He has a bachelor of arts degree in psychology and a doctor of dental surgery degree, both from the University of Minnesota. He and his wife, Michelle, have lived in Minnetonka for 34 years and have one adult daughter, Shannon.

Bergstedt will be sworn in at the January 6 meeting of the Minnetonka City Council, and will serve as Ward 4 council member until Hiller is able to resume his duties, or for the remainder of the Ward 4 term, whichever is first.


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