VIDEO: City of Minnetonka Plans Major Ridgedale Improvements

Mayor Terry Schneider said the city hopes to help turn Ridgedale Center into a destination instead of just a place to buy shoes.

In early January, Macy’s announced the consolidation of its two separate stores in Minnetonka's Ridgedale Center into one expanded location beginning in early 2014 freeing up space for a new Nordstrom store.

But Minnetonka city officials don't want to stop there. They'd like to see Ridgedale become less of a shopping mall and more of a destination.

At Wednesday's State of the City address, Mayor Terry Schneider said a new upscale restaurant will be added around the time Nordstrom joins retailers in the mall.

"This will change the dynamics of the mall considerably," he said. "We would like to see a place where people can go for other things than just to buy a pair of shoes."

Schneider said Ridgedale could become a "mini downtown" with neat character.
"We've never had a true downtown, and this is as close as we could come to that."

Schneider said with these improvements could come better parking areas, improved roadways and more nearby housing.

Check out the mayor's comments from Wednesday morning in the video above.


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