Police Release Detailed Timeline for Minneapolis Workplace Shooting

Police say shooter Andrew Engeldinger, 36, pulled out the gun immediately after being terminated.

Police released a thorough timeline of events showing what happened after Andrew Engeldinger went on a shooting spree last Thursday at Accent Signage Systems, Inc. in Minneapolis.

• Near the end of the workday, Engeldinger was asked to come to a meeting in the office of John Souter. Prior to going to Souter's office, Engeldinger left the building, went to his car, and then returned to meet with John Souter and Rami Cooks.

• Engeldinger was informed that his employment was terminated and he was given his final paycheck.

• Engeldinger pulled out a gun and a struggled ensued between the men over the gun.

• Souter and Cooks were shot inside Souter's office.

• Engeldinger dropped a partially loaded magazine during the struggle. He reloaded and stepped out of Souter's office.

• Reuven [Rahamim] stepped out of his office which is adjacent to Souter's office.

• Engeldinger shot Rahamin.

• With the gun in his hand, Engeldinger walked east in the building away from the executive offices, through double doors and into the space for sale's staff cubicles and sign displays.

• Engeldinger shot Jacob Beneke in the display area.

• With the gun in his hand, Engeldinger walked east in the building through another set of double doors into the loading dock area.

• In the loading dock area, Engeldinger shot Ron Edberg. He then turned [and] shot UPS driver Keith Basinski who was standing in his truck at the loading dock's edge.

• Engeldinger walked east through large sliding doors from the loading dock into the production area.

• Just on the other side of the doors, Engeldinger encountered two employees. He fired shots at them grazing one and hitting the other, Eric Rivers.

• Engeldinger turned around and walked back the way he came toward the loading dock and the western portions of the building including the stairway to the basement.

• Unwitnessed, Engeldinger walked downstairs into the basement where he took his own life. His body was located there by MPD officers. With him was the Glock 9mm.

Rivers and Souter remain hospitalized at HCMC. Souter was upgraded from critical to serious condition Friday, while Rivers is still in critical condition.


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