Alleged Ridgedale Shoplifters Face Felony Theft Charges

Three Minneapolis residents are accused of stealing from Ridgedale stores.

Francis Major, 50, of Minneapolis, is charged with felony theft (over $1,000) for incidents in May. According to Minnetonka Police, Major took two Dyson vaccuum cleaners on two diiferent days from J.C. Penney at Ridgedale. Police say she also attempted to take a Dyson fan from Sears but was stopped by an employee.

Major failed to show up for a meeting with officers and attempts to conatct her have been unsuccessful.

Timothy Bender, 22, of Minneapolis, is charged with felony possession of burglary tools from an incident in September. He allegedly used a knife to cut an anti-theft lock off of a pair of headphones at Ridgedale Target. Bender left the store without paying for the headphones, according to police. He is currently pending trial on another felony charge.

Caswana Miles, aka Cunna Thompson, 24, of Minneapolis, is charged with felony theft after she allegedly stole from Toys R' Us with the help of a friend. On June 26 at 1 p.m., Miles and another woman allegedly put eight Wii remotes in a purse. The woman without the purse carried an additional Wii remote in her hand. When the alarm sounded as they walked out the door, the woman with the purse walked out the door while the other relinquished the remote.

At 3 p.m. the same day, police say the two women repeated the scheme, again taking eight remotes. The women were recognized from surveillance video. Miles was convicted in Dakota County of gross misdemeanor theft in February 2012.

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