TARGET AGAIN! Can't they do anything right?

Just when the news of 40 MILLION credit and debit card numbers being stolen at Target is dropping out of the news - today another 40,000 cards are now reported as being duds.

This is the Target Gift Card and it seems that nationwide mistakes were made at the registers where the incorrect number was entered and all those cards are now no good.

Any 'gift card' is a very bad idea, but if you gave or got a Target gift card then you may well have gotten or given one that was worthless.

Keep in mind that when Target reports that 40 million or 40 thousand cards have problems that they have probably minimized the issue.  

So in both instances the screw up is probably a lot bigger than what was reported.  Only Target will ever know the exact numbers and they have no incentive to give out the higher numbers.  

For details see:   http://targetfiling.blogspot.com/ and also http://targetstoressucks.blogspot.com/ 
LegalService January 02, 2014 at 03:45 PM
I noticed that Target used the above link to take a look at my anti-Tarbutt site. They look in all the time on my dozen or so sites. It is good for them to find out what us consumer think of them. I noted on my site that commentators opine that even if the Class Action suits do not go anywhere, that Target will still have to deal with suits from banks and card companies who have to come along behind Tarbutt and try to clean up their mess. Go take a look at those sites.


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