Should Women Be Allowed to Serve in Combat?

In this week's Hot Topics conversation, we want to know how you feel about the Pentagon lifting its almost 20-year ban on women serving in combat.

This week, the Pentagon announced it will lift its ban on women serving in combat.

Although the changes will not happen immediately, women may now be eligible for more than 230,000 front-line positions and elite commando jobs.

A year ago, 14,500 combat positions were opened to women, nearly all of them in the Army. 

Because of the necessities of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, women are medics, military police and intelligence officers. It has become difficult to keep women clear of combat, according to the AP

While these changes may be more reflective of what some women are already doing in the military, questions remain about the strength needed for certain jobs or whether the presence of women might hurt unit cohesion.

Do you think allowing women to serve in combat is a good idea? Why or why not? Tell us your opinion in the comments area below.


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