Make This Trendy New Dessert At Home

Cake pops are becoming more popular, but if you don't want to buy them at Starbucks, you can always make them at home.

Cake pops are the new rice crispy bar in the world of the wee ones.

If you’ve never heard of a cake pop, it's basically cake on a stick. Since we Minnesotans love anything on a stick, it’s no wonder these cake pops are popping up all over the place—you can even get them at Starbucks.

I’ve always prided myself on being a coffee purist. I don’t drink frou-frou fancy coffee drinks like mocha’s or lattes. I drink plain old ordinary black coffee.

Now, I do like fancy black coffee, so that is why I go to the in Tamarack Village almost every day. Before the cake pops entered my life, I would order my grande black coffee, no room for cream, pay my $2.09, and go on my way.

Now that Starbucks has started carrying cake pops, every time I visit Starbucks with my little girl I can’t leave without buying the Birthday Cake Pop for $1.89. But it doesn’t stop there. What goes perfectly with cake? Of course, we have to get chocolate milk too. Organic chocolate milk which costs another $1.89. 

I bet the actuaries at Starbucks are watching my average transaction increase of 60 percent with delight. I envision them sitting around a big conference table in Seattle  screaming: “Cake Pops, what a brilliant idea, we’ve finally gotten Katie Randall to spend more money at Starbucks."

Of course, there is a more economical way to experience the wonder of cake pops: Make them yourself!

The cake pop queen, Bakerella, has a great step by step set of instructions on how to master the art of making cake pops. She’s even written about book about it. To read her recipe on her blog, click here.

A friend of mine, who also happens to be a pastry chef, made a batch of these for my daughter Lily. She used the Bakerella recipe but added these tips on making your own cake pops. I haven’t made my own cake pops yet but you can bet if they hit the $2 mark at Starbucks I’ll be giving this recipe a try.

A few notes: 

  • Any time you can make your own cake and/or frosting, it's better. 
  • Do not use an entire can of frosting or you will have a drippy mess. Start with a quarter or third and add more if needed.
  • Once you roll the balls, put sticks in them and place them on a tray lined with parchment or wax paper, place the tray in the fridge and leave it there. Allow balls to set 10-15 minutes before dipping.
  • When you are ready to dip, only remove a few at a time. The warmer they are, the tougher they are to work with.
  • Make sure the candy coating is hot enough, if not hot enough it will be goopy on the cake pop. I reheat often. 
  • Do not use pure chocolate for dipping, it is a serious bitch to temper and set. If you want chocolate on the outside, they sell chocolate candy coating at grocery stores and Michael's.
  • If you are dipping in sprinkles, nuts, etc., allow 20-30 seconds before dipping or the sprinkles will slide off. I dip one cake pop, place it in the Styrofoam block, then dip another and place in the block. By the time I am done dipping the second, the first is still soft enough to hold the sprinkles. 
  • If you are using chocolate sprinkles, I highly recommend real chocolate vs the waxy ones you find in the cake decorating aisles. You'll notice a huge difference in taste (good way to mask a box mix!). The best are here, but if you're in a pinch and don't have time to order online, I buy these that I find in my grocery store.
Amy June 13, 2011 at 05:42 AM
yummy...sound delicious...http://wallartsticker.com.au
Anna Fenner February 05, 2013 at 05:16 PM
Katie, do you make cake pops for sale?
Kris Janisch February 05, 2013 at 05:18 PM
Good question Anna. I see these for sale up at Starbucks, but I've never had one. (I have a problem with sweets.)


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