Letter: 'We Have A Clear Choice In This Election'

Simon: Aho, Duckstad, Loon, Stensrud and Hann 'serve the interests of all of the taxpayers.'

To the Editor:

We are coming up to a truly major choice election. We will not simply be choosing candidates, but choosing the direction for our city, our state, and country. A look at the issues, positions and rhetoric of the two sides is very revealing.

The general pattern is that conservatives such as Brad Aho and Jon Duckstad for the Eden Prairie City Council, Jenifer Loon and Kirk Stensrud for the Minnesota House, and David Hann for the Minnesota Senate all serve the interests of all of the taxpayers in their balanced approach to local government. I have had the privilege of getting to know each of these fine people and can vouch for their integrity, dedication and hard work. As all are in office or have been, I have seen what they stand for through their actions.

How do they bring balanced government? They deliver a balance between the best that government can offer while at the same time realizing that government, just as every business, every church, and every civic organization has to deal with limited financial resources. I have never, ever heard one of them say that an expenditure was so good that we should make our children and grand children pay for it because we want it now.

While the opposition may not explicitly make such statements either, if effect that is only because they want to hide this ugly part of their agenda. Their agenda seems to be to grow government and dependence, while confiscating an ever increasing share of the fruits of the productive members of society, so they can "spread it around". Just as at the state and national level.

The rhetoric of the opposition is interesting, and at times even amusing. It is amusing when it shows that they have no logical argument, so must resort to name calling. Again, just as at the state and national level.

I think it is funny that Gov. Dayton accepted the Republican budget, then later rejected it. Then Republicans such as Rep. Stensrud are blamed for shutting the government down. Dayton agreed to keep the government running, then changed his mind to shut it down. Not his decision? Or the DFL enacts the education revenue shift, the Republicans try to pay it back, Dayton vetoes it, and then all the political ads start blaming Republicans for the revenue shift. As you can see, the DFL arguments don't stand up.

Thus we have a clear choice in this election between responsible, good government, and the failed policies of the big-government dependency creators.

Jeff Simon, Eden Prairie

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