Letter to the Editor: We Need Selcer's Leadership

"I was immediately impressed by her knowledge of school finances."

We need Yvonne Selcer’s leadership on fiscal matters in St. Paul.  I first met Selcer when I ran for Hopkins School Board in 2007.  I was immediately impressed by her knowledge of school finances.  After an accounting error pushed the district into debt, Yvonne did the responsible thing and ran for reelection to ensure the problem was fixed, even though the budget that caused the error was approved prior to her joining the board. 

As treasurer, Selcer created the first school board fiscal oversight committee in Minnesota.  She helped create a dynamic budget-forecasting model so that the district could make decisions based upon sound fiscal data.  And Selcer made tough choices, many of which affected my children - closing an elementary school, redrawing district boundaries, and eliminating programs.

Yvonne Selcer’s leadership helped her become the leading vote getter in 2007.   I became her colleague and took over as Treasurer when she became Chair.   I witnessed the results of her efforts: four state and one national award for excellence in fiscal management and reporting; increased bond ratings; a fund balance exceeding 30% which helped us withstand the legislature’s ill-conceived budget which borrowed over $2.4 billion dollars from our schools.

Most importantly, I watched her advocate for our children without regard to partisan politics.  On November 6th, vote Selcer for House 48A and bring this leadership to the legislature.

Wendy Donovan, Hopkins School Board Treasurer


Orono September 20, 2012 at 02:46 PM
Putting a democrat in charge of fiscal matters in St Paul is akin to putting an alcoholic in charge of a liquor store.
David September 22, 2012 at 10:04 PM
As I posted on a similar article, just WHERE did Selcer get her experience with analyzing school funding, anyway. Her bio now says she was a sales manager for a computer parts company (originally, she claimed to be a 'business executive' for a company, no one knows which one and repeated requests for her to name the company she worked for have gone unanswered). So how does a sales manager in computers get all this savvy in accounting and finance? Could it be from her husband, a partner in a CPA firm? Hmmm...one wonders if he's the one been ghost writing her articles and who actually made the financial decisions during her time on the school board. If we are supposed to send her to St Paul to work her fiscal magic like we're told she did in Hopkins, perhaps we've got the wrong Selcer running for office. And looking into these 'awards' the DFL is touting shows that they have the same weight as participation trophies in sports. Everyone gets them, even the districts that are now being audited for bad financial management. So, good for you, Yvonne! You succesfully applied for the award!
David September 22, 2012 at 10:05 PM
Another former School Board member also wrote we should voter for Selcer because she's the "Adult in the room." As I responded there: If the DFL call increasing the debt load of every Hopkins taxpayer by $3000 as being the “adult in the room” then they have a very strange definition of adult responsibility. Kirk Stensrud and the Republicans inherited a $6 billion deficit from the DFL and people like Yvonne Selcer and through prudent fiscal discipline have turned it into a $1.2 billion surplus – in one year. Living within our means and not spending like drunken DFLers - that’s we I call being the “adult in the room.” It is self-evident that we can’t afford Yvonne Selcer’s type of ‘leadership.’ Don’t let her do to the State what she did to Hopkins – more debt, higher taxes and poor future planning. Kicking the financial can down the road for future taxpayers to foot the bill is no way to run a government. Vote for Kirk Stensrud in November. The ‘adult in the room’ who ACTUALLY cut spending and helped turn a deficit into a surplus.


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