Letter: 'Selcer Not Pro Business'

"I wonder if she can control whether Hopkins School District will have a future deficit."

To the Editor:

“Based on a Star Tribune pro-DFL² piece this morning and her own Fact Check VIII⁶ from her website, Yvonne Selcer wants us to believe she is an entrepreneur, fiscal hawk, a big supporter of business and that her financial management would be respected by Mark Twain.³ Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Truth is she has no chamber of commerce endorsements.⁴  She’s not a small business owner.⁵ She says she made a positive surplus for the Hopkins School District³, but we know she borrowed for building maintenance costs and retiree healthcare.⁷Can she point to where the state did that? She (and her surrogates) denies the state’s report that it currently has a surplus and then declares there will be a deficit (based on the same state report) in the next biennium, implying we should both believe and disbelieve the report as she directs.³

I wonder if she can control whether Hopkins School District will have a future deficit. If so, can she create an increase in the number of students for the District? Is she saying she fixed Hopkins forever and will do the same for the state? If so, that means she will raise taxes and borrow more money.  And she claims, according to her Star Tribune opinion crowning, that she didn't get business endorsements because she believes the state has a revenue problem.² Then, she compares the bond ratings of Hopkins to Minnesota³ which is odd because the state backs school bonds.¹  Her answer to every problem? Raise taxes and spend more.

She’s getting desperate because we now know who she really is.

Vote for the pro-business endorsed candidate who actually kept spending and debt in check, actually owns a small business and is a recognized champion of small business (NFIB award winner). Vote Kirk Stensrud.”

Carter Glendenning, Minnetonka



¹http://www.beta.mmb.state.mn.us/doc/bonds/statement-general/12aug-fos-2.pdfand see page 98 and 99(Pages C-9 and C-10 within the document)-School District Credit Enhancement Program

² http://www.startribune.com/opinion/commentaries/172892531.html






ghoweey October 11, 2012 at 12:55 PM
I agree, Ms Selcer is running a dishonest campaign to put it politely. Her facts are "her facts", not anybody's elses. Vote Kirk Stensrud is honest with the REAL Facts If there are any doubts, check out ALL the above footnotes before commenting.
Daryl Fryxell October 11, 2012 at 06:06 PM
So why is that, when they are running for election, most DFLers claim that they are fiscally responsible and champions of small business? Obviously, they realize that most voters are taxpayers and want representatives that are fiscally responsible. They realize that many voters work for or own small businesses. Thus, the fraudulent claims by the likes of Selcer on who they are and what they stand for.


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