Letter: High School Student Endorses Selcer

"I had a vote it would definitely be for Yvonne. But since I don’t, please consider my future and vote Selcer!"

To the Editor:

I am a junior in Hopkins High School and I have known Yvonne Selcer for ten years.  

One quality that has always impressed me is her ability to really listen to what I have to say. Her tireless work on the school board on behalf of students has made Hopkins Schools a better place.  

As state representative, I know she will do the same for Minnesota. It really angers me to see her being falsely portrayed in political ads for the opposition (Kirk Stensrud).  

We need an honest, hard working person like Yvonne in the state legislature. If I had a vote it would definitely be for Yvonne. But since I don’t, please consider my future and vote Selcer!

-Alec Weissman, Hopkins High School, Class of 2014


Daryl Fryxell September 24, 2012 at 04:30 PM
This letter highlights one of many reasons that Yvonne Selcer should not be elected. She is simply part of the education bureaucracy and establishment. She is one of those typical liberal DFLers that are willing to vote for any and all expenditures of our hard earned tax dollars that are labeled "pro-education." In reality, they are simply flushing money down the black hole of government schools. We need representatives that are not afraid to question the outrageous demands of the education lobby. The government schools are not underfunded and the citizens are not undertaxed. Until people realize these two truths, there is no possibility of fixing the education system.
Just Curious September 25, 2012 at 03:14 AM
Yavonne Selcer enabled a bloated Hokins School Budget that has risen faster than our ability to pay for it! If elected she will assure that students continue to be "indoctrinated " in DFL mindset and thinking which already permeates Minnesota Public schools. We need better alternatives than The current Monopoly that exists in education today ! Remember Yavonne associates with the Party that has stolen our Senate seat and a Govenor elected by voter fraud.
Dustyn October 02, 2012 at 04:50 AM
What is going on with this letter? Did Yvonne do a PA announcement in the district telling the children to write a letter to the editor endorsing her. Is this person now aware election fraud is still legal in MN, just ask Dayton. He wouldn't be governor if it were not for fraud. I say a Jr. still can vote, just have another democrat vouch for you at the polling place, and make up an address, like a local park. Maybe Acorn or MoveOn can assist you with this. More proof why we need voter ID. To keep kids from voting when they have no business doing so. While this person says "next time", one would be wise to check out if they vote in this election. the DEM party knows that voting as a minor and playing dumb, (sorry, dems don't play that which they are) and the law will let you off. No doubt Yvonne supports voter fraud by default. Makes me wonder how biased this site is, did they post a similar letter for Stensrud? Bet not. It will be so nice when Nov. 7 comes around and democrats across the country wake up to the fact their clocks have just been cleaned. They have been fired in mass again. Then the pundits will look all confused because their flawed "poll" told them this was not going to happen. The democrats sure have a short mindset.


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