Where Were You During the 1991 Halloween Blizzard?

It has been 20 years since the mother of all snowstorms. Do you remember where you were and how you spent that Halloween?

Wow. It's been 20 years already since the Halloween Blizzard of 1991.

Across much of Minnesota, trick-or-treaters traded their costumes for snowsuits as snow began to fall during the afternoon of Oct. 31, 1991. Thus began the mother of all winter storms, pounding the eastern half of Minnesota with more than 28 inches of snow over over a three-day period. The single-storm record for the metropolitan area still stands today—as does the lore and stories that followed in its wake.

I remember that Halloween—and the snow days to follow—very well. I was 8 years old, and I usually relied on my mom to plan my Halloween costume. As most parents do, she began thinking about a costume a couple days before Halloween. She thought she was brilliant when she found leftover pumpkin leaf bags in the garage.

She decided I would be a pumpkin. Good idea, right? Well for my mom, it was nice and easy. For an 8-year-old, the idea of donning a garbage bag to hang out with my friends was embarrassing. I complained a little about my mom's costume choice, but since I didn't argue very much with my parents, I resigned myself to the idea.

Then Halloween arrived. It began snowing and just didn't stop. I'll tell you what—it was pretty nice to pull on my dad's gigantic orange hunting sweatshirt over my long underwear. The plastic pumpkin bag on top of my layers kept me dry and warm. While most kids were freezing in their princess and witch costumes, I trick-or-treated in comfort. 

To this day, my mom reminds me of her brilliance.

On this 20th anniversary of "The Halloween Storm," we'd like you to tell us your stories and memories of that day.


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