Too Hard on Yourself Lately? How About That 'L' Word?

Another health-focused article of encouragement.

Is weight a laughable thing in your life?

Does the employer want to change that? 

Often we feel that others couldn't have even an inkling into our lives, and we rebel one of the ways we were taught to do so. You know what it is– or do you?

As warmer weather impresses us with flowery fragrances and, there are suggestions all around of decisions to wear fewer layers, we consider adding or losing weight– or inches. How many of us have made the connection between what we eat, drink, smoke, tan under, take internally as medicine with our long term health? 

Must we hear ourselves say something negative, see something negative and read something negative about our weight to decide a change is necessary? Maybe it's even what we smell or taste that puts us temporarily over the edge toward change.

Even after training as a health professional, the truth that we are only human comes true. My question is this: do you love yourself enough to be kind to yourself, strong enough to stand up for yourself, and blend health with your work expectations? 

Bosses please consider your employees: are they able to manage their health with your expectations? Or are they expected to eat salads at break time and workout by losing an hour of sleep and getting to the gym? Here come the pounds. 

Something is to be said for finding the humility to learn to speak "kind words" to yourself and then to others. Financials are important. Money is almost everything. Health coaching can be a free benefit from your employer's insurance company, from your private health insurance company, from your spouse or family members– if this is acceptable at your house, a good friend, or your personal health coach. I would like to be your health educator.  

As many of us don't choose to listen to any of this stuff– we save some money because it ultimately comes down to our own decisions from advice or literary searching on a subject. When we become aware that all of the professional training in our field, our time management and our service to others and ourselves is wrapped up in performance, can you and I take time to encourage ourselves back to serving ourselves and our families with healthy decisions? 

You need only share this message to be part of a family of friends and guide yourself. Actions do speak louder than words. So does balance. We must begin with healthy self-talk; and maybe a short journey - eight plus weeks - into a change mindset of better behavior.  

We still work hard, we are still diligent, maybe more meaningful and aware that the words we choose can affect how others react to us. The way we talk to ourselves similarly turns out how much our subconscious wants to listen to us.      In closing, I encourage you to listen to yourself talk back. Reflectively listen to how much you like yourself. There is a little four letter word that begins with an 'L'...love. Do you show yourself love in ways that maintain your psychological, physical and spiritual well-being? 

I recommend a couple of books following this article as my new hobby is reading and reflection in balance with physical activity,which includes stretching, weights, and vigorous exercise 10 minutes or more a day. Yes - I look young. Yes - I enjoy vegetables - a lot. No - I don't always remember to wear my sun screen. No - I don't always drink enough water. And finally, yes - I love ice cream and double protein yogurt, chocolate brownies and hard work. Yes - I do chart my sleep and stretch my "table muscle."

My advice: laugh now, give yourself a gentle hug and stretch your "table muscle" later. You might just change your own life.

In Health,

Kate Rivard, Health Coach


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