Stop Doing These 5 Things on Facebook!

Whether you’re new to social media or an old pro, improve your experience with these 5 tips.

Think Before You Share
Think Before You Share

No Fear Social-Media SphereBy Kimberly Fowler


We all have the freedom to think, feel, and post whatever we want to on social media sites. There are just a few things we could all stop doing that might make our News Feeds a little more enjoyable to scroll through.





·      Stop bad-mouthing your employers on Facebook. In these days of social media everyone and their grandma has some sort of social networking account. They will see yours at some point. Are that person who posts a status about hating your job? Did you forget you are Facebook friends with your boss? Keep in mind that the outcome of that action is just embarrassing for everyone, and that you won’t be complaining much longer because you will most likely get fired.


·      Stop making every profile picture a “selfie.” It was fine when we were in middle school on MySpace, but it isn’t as appealing anymore. Making sure you have a variety of pictures with other people, or simply using pictures where people can see both of your hands looks more professional for your social media image.




·      Stop documenting your every move. Although a lot of people tend to do this, most people first starting out on Facebook are the worst culprits. It is one thing to update your audience about what you have been up to this past week, and it is something totally different to post a status update every 30 minutes of the day with things such as “Eating a sandwich!” Unless you are offering to share that sandwich, people will stop looking at your posts.


·      Stop sending personal messages by posting on a wall. Be aware of what you are letting the world wide web of Facebook know. If you would like to wish your niece a happy birthday, feel free to post it to her wall! However, if your niece went through a difficult break up and you don’t happen to have her phone number, message her privately.




·      Stop posting five paragraph rants. Unless you welcome conflict with friends, talking about religion, politics, or any other controversial issue you feel upset about will surely “bring it on.” You have a right to your opinion, you have a right to voice it, but so does everyone else. There is a very fine line between a healthy debate and WWIII on the internet where everyone feels safer behind a computer screen.


·      Stop using unnecessary ellipses. Yes, this is a personal pet peeve from someone who hates incorrect grammar, but it can be annoying…to keep putting a continued thought…within or at the end…of a sentence… It makes your writing intentions unclear. Checking your grammar in general before you post is always a good idea.


·      Stop making Facebook your only form of contact. Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with those friends you’ve moved away from and family you don’t see all the time, but remember the beauty of a phone call or lunch! Of course, Facebook can always help in setting up those meetings… (couldn’t resist!)


But, DON’T stop keeping it classy!


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Terri Morrison August 16, 2013 at 11:24 AM
Another thing to NOT do - post comments about how to make money on the internet by going to a website. marieemily663, I'm talking to you.


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