Stensrud Makes Another Push to Represent District 48A

The former Republican state representative will be seeking to represent parts of Eden Prairie and Minnetonka.

Former Republican state representative Kirk Stensrud announced Monday that he’ll once again vie for the District 48A seat that Democrat Yvonne Selcer holds.

"Our neighbors are still working hard to make ends meet, yet government keeps getting more expensive,” a news release quoted Stensrud. “Minnesota taxpayers from every income level saw their taxes increased, and are facing higher health insurance premiums and property taxes. We can do better."

Stensrud was elected to the state House in 2010 when he beat Rep. Maria Ruud by 107 votes. He ran against Selcer in 2012 after redistricting changed the boundaries of legislative districts. District 48A comprises parts of Eden Prairie and Minnetonka.

Selcer defeated him by 202 votes in a bare-knuckles contest. Eden Prairie and Hennepin County sent Stensrud cease-and-desist letters after he included their logos on a brochure handed out during a Senior Services Expo event. Stensrud said the logos were meant to be resources seniors could use, not a sign of endorsement. Eden Prairie considered the matter resolved after Stensrud acknowledged that he shouldn’t have used their logos without permission.

Selcer also filed a complaint with the Office of Administrative Hearings against the Republican Party of Minnesota over a flyer that accused her of not paying her Hennepin County taxes on time. The Hennepin County property tax department backed up Selcer’s claims that she had paid her taxes on time.

Stensrud said he didn’t know about the flyer and had nothing to do with it.

Stensrud is a graduate of Bethel University. He’s owned and operated a Fish Window Cleaning franchise for the past 10 years. He’s lived in Eden Prairie for 29 years with his wife, Wendy, and three children and is an active member of Wooddale Church.

"We need a change from one-party control at the Capitol,” the release quoted Stensrud. “The current majority promised to work across the aisle, but has failed to keep that promise to voters. One-party control has resulted in higher taxes, wasteful spending. We need to hear from all sides and be inclusive of the ideas and opinions of all of our neighbors and businesses. Together, we can work to make government more efficient and effective for hardworking Minnesotans.” 

Kathleen Nelson December 12, 2013 at 09:32 AM
Mr. Stensrude must have amnesia! He and his pals used sleight of hand and took from our schools to claim a balanced budget two years ago, only to have that lie exposed just weeks AFTER the election. Since Ms. Selcer took office, their deficit has been turned into over a BILLION dollar surplus. And my taxes did NOT go up! She has been the common sense representative we have been waiting for since Maria Ruud lost by a very few votes to this man. This time, he won't have David Haan at his side to help him answer the tough questions. And I must wonder who is financing the full color attack mailers we have gotten this fall? Three so far have tried to misrepresent the great job Yvonne has done. So keep your eyes open- there is BIG money being spent to unseat Yvonne. And the purpose is to put this republican puppet back in St. Paul. I urge my fellow citizens in 48A to do your homework and not get hoodwinked by big money trying to push this "yes man" back in the legislature.
Orono December 12, 2013 at 02:46 PM
@Kathleen Nelson, if you are going to post something please at the very least, try and be honest. Obviously, whether Selcer has done a good job is simply your opinion but backing it with lies is not acceptable. Your taxes didn't go up? Liar. He is a big money "yes man" - Liar. Seriously, if you are going to use hyperbole, please at least understand it. Selcer is a definition of a yes (wo)man. Union needs more money - Yes. Raise taxes - Yes. Spend more here - Yes. Spend more there - Yes. Dayton needs support - Yes. Your making it up to support a friend - Yes.
Kathleen Nelson December 12, 2013 at 07:06 PM
@Orono: You seem to know a lot about me! You know that my taxes went UP? How? I truly do not believe that Yvonne Selcer is a "yes woman" but instead, a thoughtful representative who wants what is best for Minnesota and Minnetonka. Our state budget is finally in the black- TRUE! Our unemployment numbers are among the lowest in the country- TRUE! Under numerous other measures, Minnesota is better with Ms. Selcer's representation. You are hiding behind "Orono" instead of honestly stating who you are and what your agenda is. Please, before you post another comment, learn the difference between "your" and "you're"! Also, read this definition of "hyperbole" and check again if you have understood its meaning:hy·per·bo·le (h -pûr b -l ). n. A figure of speech in which exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect, as in I could sleep for a year or This book weighs a ton.
Orono December 13, 2013 at 03:45 PM
Kathleen, if you buy products or have a job where you pay taxes, they have gone up. You can pretend if you need to but with all of the tax increases that Dayton and his liberal "yes" men enacted, it has definitely hit you. Jesse Ventura also had a moment in the black. How did that turn out for everyone? Raise taxes high enough, it will put California in the black too. Just wait. Come back to this same spot 1 year from now. We will see where the state sits. Regarding my terrible English, your 100% correct.
Kathleen Nelson December 14, 2013 at 11:06 AM
I think California IS in the black, or close to it, now that they have a Democratic governor! It's a deal on checking back in one year. I realize my comment was personal opinion, but in my PERSONAL OPINION, I happen to like the direction Minnesota is going right now. If only I could convince the governor to use the surplus to invest in infrastructure and schools instead of considering a tax cut/rebate, I would be ecstatic! I do not mind paying my fair share of taxes- I consider that the price I pay to live in a state that works.
Mary Miller December 16, 2013 at 11:42 AM
I'm personally looking forward to new leadership at the state capitol. Kirk will ensure that every hardworking taxpayer's dollar is used efficiently and effectively to benefit the people in our community. Is it fair that we're all paying for a new $90 million Senate office building with a reflecting pool and glass enclosed walkways? Will Democrats return the budget surplus to the taxpayers, or will they spend every extra dollar of their $2.1 billion tax bill on wasteful pet projects? One-party rule doesn't reflect the values of Minnetonkans or Minnesotans. With the state Senate firmly under Democrat control, I think we should vote for Republicans this time around to keep both sides in check.
Orono December 16, 2013 at 03:04 PM
Kathleen - About your silly comment about paying your fair share and the governor you apparently love.... Why don’t you start holding him to the same standards as me? This is a man that has NEVER paid his fair share (according to your rules) Think about this... Romney, whom I am sure you are convinced is the devil himself, made 10s of millions last year alone on ONLY investments. Romney made a lot of money and now currently is living off the investment of his earnings. Take Romney’s self-made trust fund and multiple it by millions and millions more and a couple decades of growth. Keep in mind Dayton’s trust fund was established by his grandfather many years ago. (Think millions of shares of Target stock split 4 or 5 times) The trust fund was established way before Romney was even out of college. In 2011, Romney made about $14 million in investments of that, he paid $2 million in taxes and gave over $4 million to charity. http://articles.washingtonpost.com/2012-09-21/politics/35498016_1_tax-returns-tax-rate-capital-gains Now if Romney is taking $14 million investments, he obviously made even more than that. As you know, you pay taxes only on what you withdraw from the trust fund. Now look at Dayton. In 2012 Dayton withdrew about $300,000 from his trust fund and paid about $90K in taxes. (Dayton doesn't have a house payment and has someone drive him around.) Of that $300,000, Dayton gave a pathetic $1000 to charity. http://blogs.mprnews.org/capitol-view/2013/11/dayton-releases-tax-return/ The economy sucks, the job market is a joke but the stock market is better than ever. The ultra-rich, like Dayton, have benefited greatly from the market going crazy. Dayton likely made 10s of millions on his trust fund portfolio last year. He paid $90K in taxes. Is that paying your fair share? Romney earned his money. Dayton was given his money. Yet Dayton is the moron demanding that you and I pay our fair share. And this is the guy you think should be leading this state? Romney was an evil rich person that managed to give $4 million to charity. Dayton is a champion of the people that gave $1,000 to the people. Again, you are totally entitled to your opinion but this is why I sit and laugh at you and your moral high ground. You clearly don't know what you are talking about.


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