Candidate Profile: Katie Fulkerson

Patch talks with the candidates running for office in the 2013 Hopkins School Board election.

Katie Fulkerson
Katie Fulkerson

There are seven candidates for three Hopkins School Board positions up for election this year. This feature looks at challenger Katie Fulkerson.


What previous political experience do you have (including other governmental positions you’ve held, whether elected, appointed or volunteer)?

In my career, my experience has been in the private sector, and I also have extensive volunteer experience working within community organizations. This is my first time as a candidate for public office. While serving on the school board is a public service, I don’t consider it to be a political position, because everyone has a stake in education, regardless of our political priorities.

Whether you want to eliminate the achievement gap, put young Minnesotans on the path toward a successful future, or ensure a competent workforce for strong economic growth, all of our work is in the best interest of our students.


What other relevant experience do you have?

I have extensive volunteer experience working with students in our community. I’ve been a high school student mentor for several years. I’ve also tutored elementary school students, primarily minority students who don’t speak English in the home. I’m very much in tune with the needs of our students at every grade level and from every economic background.

I’m running because I can provide a fresh perspective to the school board. As we’re trying to fight declining enrollment and attract new families to the district, it would be beneficial to have someone on the board who shares the same viewpoint as the young families we’re trying to attract. I’m focused on the future, because 25 years from now, my kids will still be learning at Hopkins schools.


What is your occupation?

I am a User Experience Designer, which is a web-based career field. I started my career in technology working with companies such as Target.com, Microsoft, and Adobe, and then founded my own technology consulting company in 2010.

As a result of my daily work in the technology sector, I’m keenly aware of the fact that our world is changing rapidly, and we need to be at the forefront of education in order to guarantee Hopkins students success in college and their careers.


Where did you go to school? 

I hold a B.A. in Marketing from Indiana University, with minors in Music and Telecommunications.


How old are you (optional)? I am 30 years old.

Do you have a spouse, children or any other family members you’d like to tell voters about? 

I’ve been married to my husband, Josh, for six years. We are proud residents of Minnetonka’s Woodgate neighborhood.


What are your campaign goals?

My campaign goals directly align with the goals I will have as a school board member:

  1. Advocate for a competitive, future-oriented education that encourages all students to reach their full potential.
  2. Thoughtfully consider the concerns and suggestions of parents, educators, and community members.
  3. Provide a unique perspective and offer creative solutions to issues facing our schools.


What issues are you most focused on?

It’s hard to choose, because I am focused on every education issue! There are three things that I am uniquely positioned to advocate for as a school board director:

  1. Attract new families to Hopkins schools by offering a fresh perspective from a similar viewpoint as the young families we’re trying to attract.
  2. Advance STEM and Technology education, with an eye toward the future, and a goal of continuously evaluating and improving curriculum.
  3. Strengthen the district’s finances. I care about the long-term health of our schools, because 25 years from now, my kids will still be learning at Hopkins.


Why should voters choose you?

I hope to earn your support for a few reasons:

  1. No one is more invested in the future of Hopkins education than I am. My kids will still be learning at Hopkins schools 25 years from now, so I am focused on maintaining the district’s competitive edge for decades to come.
  2. My career in technology sets me apart from the other candidates. I can offer a college and career-driven perspective as Hopkins advances its STEM curriculum.
  3. One of the most pressing issues facing the school district today is declining enrollment. The best thing we can do to remedy this, and the financial problems that accompany it, is to attract new families into the district. These are often young families like mine, and I share their viewpoint. I can provide a fresh perspective toward reaching our enrollment goals.


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