Give Rice a Sweet Makeover

Celebrate Rice Pudding Day with a sweet makeover.

Rice Pudding Made From Leftover Brown Rice
Rice Pudding Made From Leftover Brown Rice

By Colleen Walsh Fong


I eat brown rice exclusively these days because it’s less processed than white rice, and I think it’s tastier too. Brown rice is also on the list of anti-inflammation foods, meaning that it is not considered a food that causes inflammation. This is important for anyone dealing with autoimmune conditions. I make a batch in my rice cooker a few times each week.


One problem with cooking rice in my rice cooker, though, is that it must be cooked in cup increments. (Yep, I’ve got the cheap one.) One cup isn’t enough for my family, and two is often too much. Erring on the side of having more than necessary so no one leaves my table hungry sometimes results in leftover rice. If you read my posts you know that I make it a practice to use all of my leftovers.


But leftover rice doesn’t reheat well. It tends to ends up a little chewy. So I’m always on the lookout for good ways to use it. Casseroles and Chinese fried rice usually work well, but I don’t like to make those in the summer because they heat up my kitchen and feel too heavy on hot days.


My mom used to make a delicious rice pudding. In the summer I like to use her recipe with my leftover brown rice and it tastes so good that even the white rice lovers in my family like it. Since today is National Rice Pudding Day, I’m sharing it for all of you brown rice lovers. I encourage white rice lovers to try it, too.



Leftover Brown Rice Pudding




·      1-1/2 C Leftover Brown Rice

·      1 C Whole Milk

·      1/2 C Real Maple Syrup

·      1 Tbs Butter

·      1/2 tsp Salt

·      1 tsp Vanilla Extract

·      Ground Cinnamon




·      Blend rice, milk, syrup, salt, and vanilla in a large saucepan. Bring the mixture to a boil.

·      Reduce heat to low and simmer for 25 minutes. Stir often to prevent milk curdling or mixture sticking to pan bottom.

·      When the mixture has thickened, and no liquid remains, remove the pan from the heat.

·      Add the butter and blend it into the mixture until it is melted and evenly distributed.

·      Scoop Rice pudding into a serving dish and sprinkle cinnamon over the top.

·      Refrigerate and serve cold.


Give it an Asian twist by sprinkling some toasted sesame seeds on top before serving.


Enjoy this and other leftover foods the Easy way.


Photo Courtesy of Easy Weekly Meals

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