Three Year Battle with Lice Ends at Minnesota Lice Lady Salon

Minnesota Lice Lady opens salon in Edina to serve Greater Metro area.

Liz Ferron finally found peace of mind after visiting the Minnesota Lice Lady’s newly opened salon in Edina.

Ferron, a social worker from Minnetonka, and her 10-year-old daughter, Angela, had been battling lice off and on for three long years. “It’s very time consuming and stressful,” Ferron stated.

Ferron was relieved that someone else was handling her daughter’s latest lice infestation. When she walked out of the Minnesota Lice Lady’s salon after the follow-up treatment, she knew that her long ordeal with lice was over; her daughter’s head was clean and so was hers.

One of the things Ferron appreciates most about Minnesota Lice Lady Gonne Asser (it’s pronounced Honnah and reflects her Dutch ancestry) is that she not only eradicates lice in one treatment, but also is well educated about lice, and willingly shares her knowledge of the bugs. “I really like her thoroughness,” Ferron said. The Minnesota Lice Lady never asks clients to comb out at home and guarantees her service for 30 days.

"We are the experts and take on full responsibility to eradicate the infestation," said Asser, a St. Paul resident.

Asser wants parents to know they’re not in this fight alone.

There is a way to combat lice that doesn’t involve the use of harmful and dangerous chemicals.

There is a method out there that guarantees success. It’s the one the Minnesota Lice Lady uses. With the Shepherd Method of Strand by Strand Lice Removal, each head is first sprayed with enzymes and then combed out thoroughly with a professional grade nit comb. A thorough nitpicking comes next as each strand of hair is examined one by one. Then, just to be sure the nits are gone, the Minnesota Lice Lady does a second visual check and a final comb-out.

The four-step process with built-in safety nets typically takes one and a half hours for boys and two and half for girls, depending on how much hair a person has and the severity of the infestation. Within a week, clients return for a follow-up visit.

The Minnesota Lice Lady is so confident in her work that she offers a 30-day guarantee. If you get lice again within a month, treatment is free. “I couldn’t sleep if you had nits or lice on your head after seeing us,” said Asser, who treats clients throughout the Greater Metro area.

The Minnesota Lice Lady also works with clients to identify where the lice originated and encourages friends, classmates, relatives and others to get their heads checked and treated if they have lice.

But don’t worry. She won’t be pushing any of her services on you or trying to get you to buy an armful of products that you don’t really need. Asser’s goal is to educate and to help parents– not profit off their ignorance.

Her treatments are as much about helping families combat the myths around lice as they are about eradicating the lice itself.

“Our mission is to take responsibility for people’s lice infestations so that people can get on with their lives,” said Asser.

“After you come see us, you’ll be done with lice for good.”

The salon is located at 3940 Sunnyside Road in Edina.


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