Things Get Cookin' at the Marsh Restaurant

Steve Person, manager at The Marsh restaurant, is busy preparing the place for Easter.

With Easter approaching, things are a bit busy at The Marsh's restaurant.

This year, they are planning something new for their Easter brunch. Instead of the traditional all-you-can-eat-buffet as they've done in the past, they are taking a new approach this year by doing it a la carte.

Steve Person, manager at restaurant, said doing it this way makes the meal more parallel to The Marsh's goal of wellness.

Person said they are trying to keep the event more intimate this year. The menu includes Belgian waffles with berries, smoked salmon eggs benedict, rosemary roasted leg of lamb and more.

Person has been with The Marsh for a year. Prior to that, he was in corporate real estate, but he said he "grew up in the kitchen."

"My brother is a chef, and we're just a family of people who like to cook," he said.

He prefers baking to cooking. When Person was in high school and found himself with nothing to do, he'd open up a cookbook and make whatever was on the page he happened to land on. 

Person said the secret behind The Marsh's delicious food is Chef David Owen Jones. "Our chef is just super, super good."

"He's kind of a hidden gem," Person said.

Also, he added that the restaurant's magic is in the fish. "We do fish the best," he said. "It's what our chef does."

Visit The Marsh online for more information.


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