Reaction to Cummins' Opposition to Marriage Amendment

Facebook was the forum for many responses.

People responded quickly online to the statement against the Minnesota marriage amendment Sunday from Cummins Power Generation, based in Fridley.

The one-page letter from Tony Satterthwaite, vice president, was posted at the Facebook page of "Vote No" group Minnesotans United for All Families posted the statement on their Facebook page, where within 16 hours overnight it got more than 640 "Likes," was shared 70 times, and drew 26 comments, including:

  • My dad worked for Cummins for 35 years and one of my brothers still works there. It is a very good feeling to know that the company that has been such a large part of my family shares the same values as us.
  • Sometimes it's frustrating having traditional values. This isn't one of those times....
  • Glad to have a Cummins in our RV! Thanks Cummins for being against discrimination. And you can have traditional values. No one is making you marry someone of your own gender. You just shouldn't have the right to put your values on someone else.
  • My husband works there and was pleased to see them take a stand!
  • That's why I love America.... [While I] and others may not agree with your views, I respect your right to be wrong.

More comments came in at post at Fridley Patch and at the Fridley Patch Facebook page, including:

  • [Their] comment on being all for diversity, then against the marriage amendment seems a little hypocritical. You cannot have it both ways.
  • Good for them! I'm proud that they are standing up for what they believe! We need more businesses that believe as Cummins does!
  • No. We don't need corporations, Hollywood, or the music industry weighing into the political landscape. We need local communities to step up and enforce right and wrong. We don't need more protected classes of citizens or animals. Get your moral compass fixed.
  • Well - I too work for Cummins Inc, Corporate in Columbus Indiana and beg to differ with Tony Satterthwaite. Many Cummins employee's believe in the value of families, and of traditional family values. As such, we do not subscribe to gay marriage and do not like that Tony attempts to speak for all employees. We do not tow the party line like the sheep of the UAW. We have moral and religious ethics and personal convictions. "Diversity" is code for liberal decay of traditional American values.
  • I congratulate Mr Satterthwaite on his position. [Previous commenter] says diversity is a code for liberal decay, but what's liberal about the diversity that already exists??? There is diversity in the world of nature, and people come in all shapes, color, sizes and that is nothing new under the sun. It is too bad in a way that it has to be political, so if you can come up with a better word or at least respect those that are different, then we could get rid of the word and just live peacefully together. We wouldn't need protected classes if everybody was treated decently. So, if you do treat people well, my hat's off to you.


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