Minnetonka's Lucid Brewing Gets Liquor License to Sell Growlers

The city of Minnetonka granted Lucid Brewing an off-sale liquor license to sell at 6020 Culligan Way.

Lucid Brewing was recently granted an off-premise liquor license for the sale of 64 oz. “growlers” and 750 ml bottles by the city of Minnetonka.

The license, which was approved by a unanimous city council vote, allows Lucid to sell directly to its consumers at its facility located at 6020 Culligan Way in Minnetonka. 

While specific dates, times, and pricing have yet to be announced, sales are expected to begin in early January. 

In an email to subscribers the brewery describes “flexing its creative muscles” with some new recipes and “brewery-only” special releases. The first two special release beers available in growlers will be “DUCE”; a 7.5% ABV malt-forward imperial red ale, and “CRAIG’S ALE”: a 7.5% ABV chocolate rye, brown ale brewed in honor of a brewery supporter. 

In addition to these special releases year-round favorites and seasonal selections like AIR, DYNO, and FOTO will be readily available. 

Lucid Brewing was founded by Eric Biermann and Jon Messier in the spring of 2011. Lucid has established itself as the first and only production brewery in Minnetonka. In its first year of production, Lucid has been put on tap in over 250 restaurants and is available in hundreds of liquor stores.  


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