Boston Garden to Close for Good Jan. 31

Owners of a former Bloomington restaurant will start renovations soon afterward and open a new pizzeria in the spring.

After 30 years serving Mainstreet customers, Boston Garden will be closing its doors for good next week, co-owner Felix Kerawala announced Thursday afternoon.

The restaurant will close Jan. 31 when its license expires, Kerawala said. In its place, three former owners of a Bloomington restaurant whose lease expired will be opening a pizzeria. Renovation in the Boston Garden space will start next month, and the new pizzeria should open in the spring.

(Kerawala didn’t immediately have details about the owners or the new restaurant, but he will be putting Patch in touch with them. Patch will have more information afterward.)

The closure is not unexpected. Kerawala, who owns both the restaurant and the building in which it’s located, said in December that he was ready to sell the restaurant after 13 years running the Mainstreet eatery and 16 years at another restaurant before that.

However, he wanted to first find a tenant for the Boston Garden space because he said he couldn’t afford to have the space empty—and he didn’t want Hopkins to have another vacant storefront.

Meanwhile, the new pizzeria derails Twin Cities chef Bill Ansari’s plans to open Adam Basha Café: American Mediterranean Grill and Bakery in the Boston Garden space. Ansari announced in December that he’d be opening the restaurant in February—an announcement that Kerawala quickly shot down as premature since the two hadn’t reached a deal.

Kerawala said Thursday that the two were never able to see eye-to-eye and that Ansari had been hard to deal with, which he said was not the case with the owners of the incoming pizzeria.

Kerawala said he’s enjoyed Boston Garden and its customers, but he thinks residents will like the new pizzeria.

“I’m going to miss them, but it’s time for the next chapter,” he said.


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Mark Jones January 25, 2013 at 01:54 PM
A real loss for Hopkins but a nice break for Felix and Kristi. My boys loved to go there when they were young and one even ended up working there. I get my lunch there on a regular basis and love what I get and the people who make it! Always a friendly place, a fun place and great food.
Regina Aiken January 25, 2013 at 05:53 PM
Like they say all good things must come to an end. I sure will miss BG and my favorite Philly Cheese Steaks and Veal Parm. We can only hope that the new owners will take pride in the place and spruce it up a bit - and of course that the pizza is good. Best of luck to you Felix and to Kristi too! Thanks for all the great food and memories. Hope we can get in there one last time.
Mike January 31, 2013 at 06:10 AM
I'm bummed, Boston Garden was my favorite restaurant, so many good memories eating there. I'll never forget Mike, who sadly passed away over a year ago. I will miss my friends Kristi, Felix and Kenya.
Mara L. Gollin-Garrett February 01, 2013 at 11:10 AM
As a former employee, I'm sad to see it go. I will miss all of my yummy favorites, be grateful for all of the people I met while working there, fellow employees especially!
h147 April 02, 2013 at 02:46 PM
Too bad the other mediterannean place isn't moving in. That Ansari guy is a real chef who makes great food. Hopefully the pizza place will clean up that space and actually offer good food to Hopkins. Can we get an up update on this? Also, is something moving into the old quizno's space on 8th? I asked about that over a year ago and never got a follow up. There are construction papers up in the windows there, but never seems like anything is going on in there.


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