Minnetonka Artist Chalks Mona Lisa on Driveway

David Holmes created a giant version of the famous painting just for his neighbors' enjoyment.

We're used to seeing chalk scribbles on the sidewalk– the work of toddlers. But maybe they're just practicing for something bigger.

David Holmes, an artist who lives in Minnetonka, recently re-created the Mona Lisa on his driveway. 

He used only chalk for his giant version of the famous painting.

"I thought it would be a fun project and something that the neighbors would enjoy," Holmes said. "It came out pretty well. It's been really fantastic, the response. People just really get a big kick out of it."

He's gotten a ton of drive-by thumbs-up. People get out and pose with it for photo opps.

"It's really fun, which is what I was hoping for."

Normally a painter who uses acrylic in photo realism paintings, Holmes decided to experiment. Usually, he shows his paintings in more romantic places such as New York and Los Angeles, not his own driveway.

Holmes chose the Mona Lisa for the recognition factor, but he's had plenty of requests for the next one, such as "The Scream" for Halloween. But Holmes said he'll probably take a break until next summer. And then he'll be bombarded with ideas.

Since it is a temporary work of art, it's dependent on good weather and will not last very long. When it washes away, Holmes said he'll be okay with it.

Holmes lives in the Sherwood Forest neighborhood in Minnetonka (11948 Hilloway Road), south of  To learn more about David Holmes, visit him online.


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