Join the One World Comunity Choir! No auditions.

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 1001 Highway 7 Minnetonka MN 55305  See map

One World Community Choir (and Social Club)
with Betsy Sansby & Alan Dworsky

No matter how long it's been since you've been in a choir, if you love to sing in the shower and are looking for a place to sing with your clothes on, there's a spot for you in the One World Community Choir.

You'll learn a crazy mix of beautiful multi-part songs from all over the world: Scottish ballads, funky songs from Africa, hypnotic chants from India, doo-wop hits from the 50's, and the best of American roots. Our motto is: If we love it, we'll teach it.

The atmosphere in class is fun and relaxed, but we do work hard, so you'll never be bored. The choir members are a friendly bunch who come to sing but do a fair amount of laughing as well. Everybody cares about the music, but nobody cares if you mess up.

Unlike most choirs, who spend most of their time preparing for performances, we sing for our own pleasure. Occasionally we do show up and sing at a community event or benefit, but these are rare “appearances” rather than performances, and we always invite our audiences to sing along.

The One World Community Choir is more than a choir. It’s a community of fun people who love to sing, laugh, and eat together. Show up a few minutes early to hang out, grab a quick bite, or share a glass of wine.

The choir is led by Betsy Sansby and Alan Dworsky, who conduct the choir with the same dramatic imperfection that they bring to their marriage. Betsy was trained at the Community Choir Leadership Program in Victoria, Canada. She is the producer and primary performer on the Teaching CDs for Community Choir Leaders series. Alan is a classically trained piano player and former rock musician. Now he’s a hand drum teacher, and together with Betsy has written eight award-winning books on drumming and rhythm.

When: Tuesday nights, from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. Year-round. Each session is 10-weeks long. Try it out for free.  If you decide to join, it's $79 for each 10 week session.


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