VIDEO: One Local Synchronized Swimming Team Rocks!

'Synchro' swimming requires mastery of several Skills.

Most speed swimmers will tell you that form is an important part of performance in a race, but another group of competitive swimmers takes it into a more creative and expressive direction.

Synchornized swimming requires the endurance and strength of swimming and the technical abilities of a dancer. 

On Saturday, the Hopkins High School Synchronized (Synchro) Swim Team hosted a Lake Conference competition for area teams. Swimmers competed in solo, duet, trio and team events. Swimmers were rated by several judges on their technical and creative performance. 

The Hopkins synchro team has daily three-hour practices to develop and perfect its routines with the guidance of Coach Britta Kalgren. Through a series of competitions, the team travels through a bracket with an eye toward a final state competetion. Many of the synchro swimmers also participate in speed racing because the seasons for the two sports do not overlap.


Hopkins will compete in the following events at the state meet at the University of Minnesota Aquatic Center:

  • Thursday: 1 team duet extended, 2 swimmers solo short, 1 swimmer solo long and 1 swimmer solo extended
  • Friday: 1 team trio short and 1 team short


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