Tips For Going Green on Earth Day or Every Day

Sunday is Earth Day! We've got a few, or 20, green tips to share.

Happy 42nd Earth Day.

The first Earth Day, observed across the country on April 22, 1970, highlighted a growing public concern for ecological issues. 

Forty-two years later, the call to protect our planet still resonates.

Recyclebank, a company that gives discounts and deals to people for taking everyday green actions, put together some easy electronic-minded ideas to help the planet.

• If all of Facebook’s 845 million users shortened their shower by 1 minute, the amount of water saved would fill 1.1 million Olympic sized swimming pools.

• If every person on Twitter turned their computer off for one hour, it would be like taking 9,128 cars off the road each year.

• If every smart phone was recycled when it was no longer in use, enough energy would be saved to power 199,800 homes for one full year.

To celebrate a day dedicated to going green, we’ve got a few tips for Minnetonka Patch users to help the environment:

1. Shut down your computer when you're not using it.

2. Take a shorter shower.

3. Recycle plastic water bottles.

4. Better yet, use a reusable water bottle.

5. Use citronella candles instead of bug spray to repel insects, when you can.

6. Carpool.

7. Better yet, ride your bike.

8. Borrow books from the library instead of buying them everytime.

9. Unplug appliances and chargers that aren't being used.

10. Switch your lightbulbs to CFLs.

11. Wash laundry in cold water instead of hot.

12. Plant a garden or shop at a local farmers' market.

13. Let your kids color on the back of junk mail or one-sided copies.

14. Give things away instead of throwing them away.

15. Stop paper bank statements and pay bills online.

16. Keep a priority on recycling.

17. Don't preheat the oven, unless you really need to.

18. Use old clothes for rags instead of paper towels.

19. Buy secondhand when possible and check places like craigslist
before you look for new items.

20. Remember that no one is perfect. You will better serve the planet by just doing what you can, when you can.


What do you do to help the planet? Please share your tips in comments!

Becky Glander April 22, 2012 at 04:24 AM
I'm about to shut down my computer!


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