Bad Legislative Session and Evil Clowns: Feedback Friday

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Letter to the Editor: Why Can't Legislators Work Together?

A letter to the editor this week with the past MN Legislative session.

"This session they passed 17 license plate bills and designated an official state dirt," wrote Norbert Gernes of Eden Prairie. "They have proposed costly constitutional amendments to solve problems that don’t even exist."

Gernes concluded the letter with "It is time to elect legislators who will represent the people."

Kitzer "Awesome letter!! I don't think I would have been as nice, but then, it wouldn't have been printed anyway - at least not as originally written!"

Parents Talk: An Evil Clown Stalks Children in the Name of Birthday Fun

This week's got people talking about a European trend where parents can hire a psychotic clown to leave menacing, booby-trapped letters for their children and warn them that they will soon be the victim of an attack. At the end of a terror-filled week, the birthday boy or girl catches a cake in the face.

In our Patch Poll on the topic, 114 people have voted so far with 81 percent saying they would never hire a crazy clown to terrorize their children; 3 percent said their kids would love it; 9 percent said they think the idea is clever but wouldn't do it; 5 percent are on the fence.

Mary Matheson – "Absolutely not, sounds like child abuse."

Kari – "If it were a one time joke and then "Surprise- Happy Birthday" I might be okay, but the whole stalking and tormenting aspect seems over the top to me."

Ken Smith – "I guess for me it would depend on the age of the child. If the child is old enough to go to, and enjoy, places like Valleyscare, why not? But, with that being said, I would hope parents would let their children know they be getting a "normal" birthday party."

rob_h78 – "I am not a clown person and neither is my kid so this would be a no go. However, I know a few folks who think this evil clown idea is pretty cool and one of them has a kid who I have no doubt would love to have this evil clown as part of his birthday..."

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