Crappies Are Biting On Lake Minnetonka

As the ice thickens, Lake Minnetonka anglers get out their poles and warm winter gear. Some even discuss their success and the safety of the ice online.

It sounds like there are some fish to be had on Lake Minnetonka if you are mindful of ice conditions. 

Some members of Lake State Fishing, an interactive fishing website featuring discussion forums based in the Brainerd Lakes Area, have been having luck on the lake, especially with crappies.

"I was the only one out there, but just after sundown the crappies showed up suspended in about 17 feet of water," posted one member, who said there was 7-8 inches of ice consistently across a smaller bay on Tuesday. 

"Needless to say, today was one for the memory books," posted another member on Tuesday. "Met a buddy at noon and hit a productive crappie hole (in years past), and well, we slaughtered them."

As for the safety of the ice on Lake Minnetonka, some members have posted words of caution, like this one on Wednesday:

"I would still tread with caution. I have been finding ten inches in the area I have been on the south side of the lake, ventured out a little further last night and found about 4.5 (white and clear solid ice combined) I didn't continue on after that."

Do you think it's safe to fish on Lake Minnetonka yet? Have you been out there and caught any fish? Tell us in the comments below.


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